Porno Mags!!

Okay, so today’s band is Porno Mags. They’re a garage rocknroll band from none other than the beautiful city of Chicago. They’re a 3, sometimes 4 piece. Drummers, hit them up. Anyways, I heard about them when they played with Bike Cops at the Beat Kitchen a few days ago and checked them out. I don’t know how they had slid past me, but I’m glad I know em now. They’re like something off of a European best of power pop 77’ compilation. Almost remind me of some late 70’s Australian punk bands which is insane.They have a single out on bandcamp right now entitled ‘Get On Top b/w Early Bird’ and it is for $F$r$E$e!!!!! So definitely get that while you can. First song, ‘Get On Top’ is about fucking so if that’s not enough ‘Early Bird’ is fantastic as well. They also have a self titled full length right now that came out earlier this year and damn this thing rips. Guitars, drums, it’s got all you need. Checkout tracks ‘Heart Attack’ ‘Face The Sun’ and ‘Not Free.’ The album is $$$$$$5 for download and $$$$$$$7 for beauty-ful CD’s. Hope on that before they’re all gone!

Get On Top b/w Early Bird